Namaste. My name is Rice, and I am a luminary life coach and spiritual sherpa. If you'd like a comprehensive explanation of what I do and how I may be of service to you, please read the 5 questions and answers below. For a general sense:

A luminary life coach presents a holistic blend of what is present, along with the truth of the past and faith in the future, to create a present moment experience that is organically expressed through present-moment choice and action. This is achieved by discussing things that have never before been explored and taking action around things that have never before been done — something entirely new, that lies in the domain of possibility, and yields new results that are consistent with your life path and life purpose, and ultimately your Authentic Self.

A spiritual sherpa presents a path toward spiritual attunement and soul development — the ascent and ultimate peak of enlightenmentRICE (one with Universal or God Consciousness) and our return to God/Source — based on his or her personal and God-given wisdom and proven ability in helping others traverse difficult and unfamiliar terrain in this world and the next. This is achieved by creating the footprints in which you can walk, identifying the cairns by which you can see the next step, alleviating the burdens when you get fatigued, and providing the appropriate and uniquely individualized support required for you to ascend the mountain of spirituality — toward heaven; and ultimately to "God" (The Creator, The Divine Source, The Light).

5 Questions and Answers

  1. What is a life coach, what does a life coach do, and how is working with a life coach different from working with a therapist or counselor?
  2. What is my approach to life coaching and what are my areas of focus?
  3. What might you expect, or hope for in working with me?
  4. What are my philosophies, point of view, and beliefs? What are the sources of my philosophies and beliefs?
  5. Who am I, and what is my educational and training background?

"With Rice's help I have come to realize that mind, body and soul are clearly connected and that real peace in my life can only be achieved as I address all aspects of myself..."

- Mark, Phoenix AZ

"Even if you are thinking of putting your teen though a program, I'd suggest you send them to Rice both before and after to ensure the work makes a real, intimate and long lasting difference."

- Audrey, Los Angeles CA

"I once said my time with Rice was one of losing faith to find faith, but I can also say that it was one of letting go of old notions and constructs of God to find the unknowable God who for me reveals himself in Christ..."

- John, Phoenix AZ

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